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Designing a financial wellness program that creates measurable increases in financial capabilities while supporting your organizational objectives takes expert design and execution. We have proven systems that provide your organization with educational-grade content, positive user experience, and a team of experts working for you. Our 4-step process includes:

Program Design

One-size-fits-all financial literacy products / programs do not work for most organizations. We take the time to understand your needs, clearly define program objectives, and design a customized program to best meet your larger objectives.

Launch Preparation

During the preparation phase, your campaign director will finalize the actual training, customize promotional materials, train key stakeholders, and obtain approval from your organization. This phase will last up until the actual announcement to the end users.

Program Implementation

Now that your program is designed and prepared to launch, it’s time to announce this initiative to your end users and implement the program. During this phase, we launch the program and the actual educational components will be conducted. Throughout this process, we take measurements and make data-driven enhancements.

Post Programming

Many financial education programs simply fizzle out and miss an opportunity to make a long-term impact on participants’ financial behaviors. Post-programming provides an excellent time to acknowledge participants and offer them ongoing, action-based financial education.

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Consultation & Support

We are committed to your event’s success, and will help ensure that it exceeds participant expectations.


Our event planner system provides details that will help you rest assured that your event will go off smoothly, and lists a step-by-step countdown of activities that will take place.

Participant Hand Outs

Select from a variety of participant resources: student guides, handouts, and other financial education-based giveaways are available.

Marketing & Promotions

We provide you with information and resources that make the event promotion easier. Prewritten copy, a full marketing piece, pre- and post-event promotions are offered.

Continuing Education

We ensure that participants feel supported in the long-term. You can select from a variety of continuing education resources.

Program Design & Development

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Is your organization looking to build a financial education program? The initial design of such a program is critical. We can help.We have a financial education program development solution that ensures program alignment with your educational, philanthropic, and organizational objectives at every step. Our financial literacy program development process has three parts: Discovery, Define, & Design.


Each group has unique objectives that require experienced professionals to deploy specialized solutions. Our team uncovers your unique goals during the ‘discovery’ phase. This discovery lays the foundation for clearly-defined programming objectives and custom program design.


During the ‘define’ phase, we provide measures to guide the campaign and establish barometers of program impact. Our consultants develop measures to provide empirical evidence of the program’s progress toward achieving your organizational objectives. We work with your team to define educational, organizational, and philanthropic barometers of success.


During the design phase, we ensure that all campaign components work together to promote financial literacy and further your business objectives. In well-designed programs, the flow of information and built-in promotional components lead to greater overall financial education programming results.

Creating a successful financial education campaign requires specialized expertise. We can help you establish a full program, or an initial pilot program that you can take to scale later.

If you need us to implement the programming, check out our full-service financial wellness program options.

Personal Coaching for Organizations

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Give the people you serve access to financial consultants who offer personalized, unbiased financial education solutions. This solution is designed for organizations that want to focus on providing their team with access to personal finance counselors.

The role of a personal consultant is to meet people at their point of need, progressing them toward their educational and financial goals. The coursework is personalized to each individual, and measurements are established to help them work toward financial wellness. Consultants can perform a wide variety of functions:

Be available for your staff when they have financial questions or

Lead participants’ financial coaching / counseling

Provide personalized education and

Understanding & Planning

Each person has unique objectives that require a personalized solution. We will conduct an initial consultation to uncover each individual’s long-term goals and identify their immediate financial needs to build their personalized programs.

Guidance & Education

Once the plan is in place, we will work with your team to support them down the path to financial wellness, remaining in accordance with your organization’s goals.

Maintenance & Support

Once we help your organization achieve its most pressing financial wellness goals for your team, our role will shift to supporting needs as they arise and providing progress reports to ensure that your participants stay on track.