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What is Finlit?

What is Finlit?

FinLit strives in bringing financial literacy to underserved communities through seminars, workshops, and programming to create a money conscious youth. We welcome those who would like to get involved in bringing financial education to their organization, community, or family.

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Personal Notes

Fusing my love of finance and education led me to create an organization focused on teaching financial education to our youth. It is evident that the better their resources and knowledge; the better prepared they are for life decisions. Financial education is a major component of anyone’s future success. From childhood to adulthood; a money conscious youth equals a thriving society.

My Credentials

  • Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI). Certification demonstrates application of national standards set for financial education instructors and consultants.
  • Certified Financial Education Consultant (CFEC). Certification demonstrates competency to design, launch, and implement financial education programs for organizations.
  • Licensed Life, Health and Annuities agent in Virginia and NC (Life only)
  • Bachelor’s Degree; Old Dominion University 2007