Building a Money Conscious Youth!
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My name is Pavi Lightner. CEO and Founder of FinLit and your family's Certified Financial Educator. FinLit offers financial education to you and your family. Take a look around and let us know where you want to start.

FinLit is dedicated to creating a money conscious community through financial education. Fusing the love of finance and education led to the creation of an organization focused on teaching financial education to our youth first, family second, and lastly our communities.

It is evident that available resources increase individual knowledge as well as better equip them for life decisions and events. Financial education is a major component of anyone’s future success. From childhood to adulthood; a money conscious community equals a thriving community.

Fun Financial Literacy Enrichment Camp Offers More

Children are very impressionable. Their money habits are passed down from the generation before them.

FinLit Enrichment Camp starts educating children in finances starting in Kindergarten through grade 8. Through fun and interactive lessons they create lasting friendships and money habits that they can carry home to their parents. We strive to create healthy money habits and offer our services to our student’s parents as family members also learn and implement these habits in their daily lives.

With measurable techniques, FinLit believes that children and their families will have a better future with better opportunities.


Vince Shorb | CEO, National Financial Educators Council

"We commend Pavi Lightner for her commitment to push the financial literacy movement forward. Her passion and experience will provide youth in her area with the education they need to take control of their financial well-being.”

Ms. K Carter | Student

“Ms. Pavi Taught me something I can use in real life”